A Few Photos from December 2014 Costa Rica Trip

I started to call this my 10 favorite photos but I couldn’t narrow it down.  So I’ll go with a title of just a few photos.

Let me start by stating up front this was a family vacation with birding added. Though if you ask my family they would say it was a birding trip for me. The trip was my first out of the country in years so I was also using the trip to see how I like traveling aboard.

I am not going to write about the trip in a travelogue format. I will present a brief description of the trip and in my next post discuss some things we had heard or read about Costa Rica before we went and if they were true or not.

A brief description of the trip. On December 13 we flew from Indianapolis to Houston to San Jose. No problems. We had hired a driver to take us to La Fortuna, the town nearest Arenal Volcano.  My sister-in-law’s family came in the next day. The lodges we stayed at in La Fortuna had great grounds for birding, so I did most of it there.  The day I was to go with a guide to Arenal got all messed up so I didn’t make it.  But I did hire a guide one morning that took us around the grounds of a local preserve. After four days in the area we then moved on to the NW resort area – La Flamingo. All the birding there was within walking distance of the hotel. We stayed 3 days and flew home out of Liberia.  No problems there either.  Got home at 12:30 AM and did the Johnson County CBC the next day. That’s the trip in a nutshell.  If you want more details leave a comment and I will reply.

Here are a few of my favorite birds-photos from the trip. I’m sure I’ll post more at a later date.

Remember to click the photos for a better view – especially the Broad-billed Motmot’s.

Probably the best photo of the trip, this Tropical Kingbird was perched outside our balcony. La Flamingo – Dec 2014


This Yellow-bellied Elaenia was actively feeding in the grounds at our lodge at La Fortuna. Dec 2014


This Social Flycatcher was checking out a couple of dogs running by the tree. La Fortuna – Dec. 2014


A Palm Tanager was hanging around, literally, eating bananas outside our lodge. La Fortuna Dec. 2014


I saw numerous Scaly-breasted Hummingbirds on the trip. La Fortuna – Dec. 2014


After seeing numerous Great Kiskadees in Texas and Costa Rica, one of the few birds I was actually hoping to see so I could compare them was a  Boat-billed Flycatcher. I was initially a little tentative on the ID until it called. La Flamingo – Dec. 2014


Not the best of photos but it was taken under a tree in the rain. I was waiting for the rest of the group to come back when I saw some movement under a tree – a Broad-billed Motmot. I almost missed the tail at first (Click to enlarge and look close). Like myself, it sat for a long time just avoiding the rain. La Fortuna – Dec. 2014


Out walking one morning I came across this Ringed Kingfisher hunting by one of the numerous one-lane bridges. La Flamingo – Dec. 2014


I watched this Rufous-naped Wren for quite a while coming and going but never did figure out where the nest was being built. Seeing a wren this size was cool! La Flamingo Dec. 2014


And lastly, there is something eerie about a Black Vulture beachcombing. La Flamingo – Dec. 2014


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  1. Thanks for sharing!! Since one month from now I will actually be in Costa Rica for a 2 week birding trip, I appreciate all the pictures as I’m continuing to learn the birds. I look forward to reading your next post about CR.

    1. I will try to get another 10 pictures up in the next couple of weeks but will post the comments on the trip in a few days. Not sure all of them will be relevant to your trip but some might. I will be interested in your thoughts on the trip when you get back since I’m contemplating going to CR or Panama later this year.


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