A Few More Pictures from Costa Rica

Since it snowed 6 inches Friday night which wrecked another Saturday of birding, I thought I would get together a few more pictures from Costa Rica, December 2014.

Remember to click on photo for enlarged view.

Let’s start with the photo that made me the maddest from the trip, a Crimson-collared Tanager that I couldn’t get a good shot. I tried all sorts of angles but none were clear. And then it flew away and I didn’t see another one the trip. La Fortuna area – Dec. 2014
The photo from one of the best times on the trip. You can’t really tell but there are both Turkey and Black Vultures, Magnificent Frigatebirds, and Brown Pelicans soaring together. It was really something to watch. La Flamingo area – Dec. 2014
A closer look at a Magnificent Frigatebird. La Flamingo area – Dec. 2014
Sorry for only catching him/her on a power line, but it  kept running back and forth outside our balcony. A Variegated Squirrel, I think. Nothing beats a squirrel with a racing strip down it’s back. La Flamingo area – Dec. 2014
Sorry, another power line shot. This was the only time I didn’t see a Stripe-headed Sparrow peeking out from the bushes. La Flamingo area – Dec. 2014
The most numerous parrot of the trip was the Orange-chinned Parakeet. They enjoyed the bananas at the lodge where we stayed. And in typical parrot fashion were quite vocal about it. La Fortuna area – Dec 2014
We saw numerous Three-toed Sloths on the trip, but this was the only one that gave a half way decent picture. OK, maybe a quarter decent picture. La Fortuna area – Dec. 2014
Both sexes of Passerini’s Tanagers feeding on the local bananas. I was glad to see the females were a duller color like they are here in the temperate zones. I was beginning to think all birds were really colorful. La Fortuna area – Dec. 2014
Another numerous species like the Passerini’s was the Blue-gray Tanager. To me they seemed to keep to cover more than the Passerini’s. La Fortuna area – Dec 2014
I did not get a good photo of a Streaked-backed Oriole but I like this one since it shows off the streaked-back. Like most orioles he wasn’t happy with me getting close. La Flamingo area – Dec. 2014
I had never noticed how many contrasting colors a White-winged Dove has until I studied this one. In other words I had never taken the time to look. La Flamingo Area – Dec. 2014
We were at a hot springs when my brother-in-law noticed a large bird in a tree. Immediately after I took this photo the Osprey flew down to the river and got it’s fish. La Fortuna area – Dec. 2014
A good way to start the day – a flock of White Ibis roosting. I took this picture before sunrise at the one-lane bridge in the previous blog. La Flamingo area – Dec. 2014
And what is a set of pictures without at least one Great-tailed Grackle? I have decided I must include one from every trip. Or at least a cousin of one. La Flamingo area – Dec. 2014


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2 Replies to “A Few More Pictures from Costa Rica”

  1. Warms me up on a cold winter day. I added yard birds to my JC list…a neighbor said a hawk (probably a red-tail) tried to take her Chihuahua dog out and posted a warning to neighbors… snow makes them hungry!

    1. A coworker once told me about his small dog that wouldn’t go out and he couldn’t figure out why. Finally noticed a Red-tailed sitting in the neighbor’s tree. So he had to escort the dog out for quite a while until the Red-tailed finally got the idea.

      More snow predicted for Saturday!

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