A Few Florida Butterflies

Our family spent a few days in Florida over the holidays. The weather was OK one day, semi OK the next, and wasn’t very good the other two days. But the first couple of days I had the chance to look for butterflies at local parks.

The first view of the ocean. Kingston Park – Ormond Beach
The park was loaded with Green Anoles.
The only butterfly I positively ID were the Gulf Fritillaries flying in the small park.

I watched as a pair flew across the park. I’m still to new to know if this was a male chasing a female or two males harassing each other.

The only other decent day was spent at Tomoka State Park. I encountered two species of butterflies in the park.  Zebra Heliconian and Great Southern White. The low numbers were alright with me because the butterfly I really wanted to see on the trip was the Zebra Heliconian.

A little history of the park.
The morning of the second day provided a nice setting. It’s below zero back in Indiana.
A Great Southern White basking in the sun.
One of 3-4 Zebra Heliconian on the day. This guy looks like he has hindwing problem.
This photo is the only one that shows a hint of yellow in the strip. The strips are yellow but I couldn’t capture it. I’m sure it’s something in their composition that bends the light wave.
A nice pose showing the red basal spots.