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New Patch Species Palm Warbler

Returning Saturday night after spending the latter half of the week in Boston I finally got some birding in Sunday afternoon. Not feeling like driving I hit the local patch which netted two new patch species Palm Warbler and Northern Waterthrush. … Continue reading

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Migrating Turkey Vultures – Weekend Highlight

The last birds viewed on the weekend were also the highlight. A group of 12 migrating Turkey Vultures. Now most people might say a group of migrating Turkey Vultures aren’t exciting. But like a lot of things in birding migrating Turkey … Continue reading

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An Owl to Help the Waiting

It seems it has been at least a month that I have been WAITING for the seasons to change the scenery from late summer birds to early winter birds.  And with the weather in the 70 degree range this past week, I don’t think it … Continue reading

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Yummy – Taraxacum!

Last Sunday I happened to stumble upon a flock of sparrows working their way through the brush of a local stream.  I knew they were up ahead because I heard the songs of both White-throated and White-crowned Sparrows. When I … Continue reading

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Wondering About Horned Larks

This is short post to on a couple of things. 1. Even when the weather stinks, the snow is deep, and I can’t do birding by foot without a lot of hassle, there are still birds to be found.  In … Continue reading

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