Better Birders “Ship”

During my travels last month I read Linchpin by Seth Godin.

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Here is a link to the book at Amazon – Linchpin.

The book discusses making yourself indispensable at your job – a linchpin if you will. By doing so one can better avoid the corporate layoffs that plague America.  It was a good read that makes one think.

So how does the book relate to birding?  The book deals with how one becomes a linchpin.  At work or even with a hobby, the author has noted that people who are passionate about their work are the best linchpins.  And one of their best traits is that they “ship”.

By “ship” he means they produce.  On time, on schedule. And it doesn’t have to be a product.  It can be art, novels, reports, ideas, etc.  They don’t wait until they have it perfect. They “ship” when it is done. And then move on to the next exciting thing.

And they don’t wait for the “boss” to tell them what to do next.  They know without asking.

Have you ever noticed this trait with successful people, including “better” birders? They “ship”.  (We will leave what constitutes a “better” birder for another time)  They are constantly out in the field.  They post to their local listserves like IN-Bird.  And they do it in a timely manner.  They submit rare bird forms and in a timely manner.  They write articles for their local and maybe even national societies.  They travel to and learn birds from other locations that helps them ID their local birds even better.  They help do bird census outside of the regular Christmas and Spring Bird Counts.

I could go on and on but you get the idea.  Better birders “ship”.

And other people wonder how they get it all done?

Have you observed these traits in the “better” birders you know?