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A Benton County Saturday

After returning from London I took my daughter to Lafayette Saturday morning and the nhad to pick her up in the afternoon. So I took the opportunity to bird a couple of spots in Benton County. But first let me … Continue reading

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I’m Glad the Birdglimpsing Season is Over

This might seem sacrilegious on a birding blog, but I’m glad fall migration is about over. I’ll miss viewing the vireos, thrushes, and shorebirds as they move through. But not warblers. It’s not that I can’t ID warblers. That’s not the problem. … Continue reading

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What I Learned the Week of 4/6 – Do Your Homework

1. Do your homework I’m always preaching to do more reading and studying in case an uncommon bird shows up in your local area.  And make sure to travel to an area with “your” uncommon birds so you can learn … Continue reading

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