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Fruitgrowers Reservoir Semi-Arid Water

The flight arrived late-morning, as opposed to the usual one into Denver and the day spent driving to Grand Junction. This forced the problem of where to bird in the afternoon heat? The choices were either the cooler higher elevations … Continue reading

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American Crows – Weekend Highlights

I told myself sometime ago I was going to post weekend highlights to make life a little easier. Having a regimented blog post concerning the weekend and one more later in the week about whatever I want fits my schedule. But I … Continue reading

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A Johnson County Big Day

I left you last time at 4PM Sunday sitting a mile from the Johnson County line with 99 species and not a good alternative for #100. But before I discuss the limited options for #100, let me share a few highlights of … Continue reading

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Can’t Get a Break

One never knows when the day begins how it is going to turn out.  Most days are the same. Uneventful.  We go through the day doing the same thing without much deviation. You see the same neighbors fly by that … Continue reading

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An Oasis in the Bean Fields

Before I get to the Oasis, I’d like to ask you a few questions. 1. What is the ratio to finding decent shorebird habitat and the proximity of the nearest road or parking spot? An extremely unofficial poll of 1 puts it at 92.3%.  And … Continue reading

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