Just Plain Lucky

If you have been following this blog then you know that taken photos is not my main objective in birding.  But I still like to get a good photo once in a while. Especially of birds that I don’t get a chance to photograph often.

Mike and I were birding a local park a week ago Saturday when I noticed something flitting through the trees.  My first thought was that it was a warbler but we had only seen one warbler that morning, an American Redstart.

American Redstart – Greenwood IN 05/02/15

But I stayed on the moving bird and from it’s shape I could tell it was a vireo.  And a Blue-headed Vireo at that! As seen in the following Indiana Bar Chart from eBird, we see less Blue-headed Vireos in Indiana than all vireos except Philadelphia Vireos .

Indiana - Vireos

We got to watch the bird for a good length of time.  But as I stated it was working its way though the trees like a warbler, not offering much of a chance for a photo. Mike thinks since the trees had hardly budded there wasn’t much to eat so it kept moving searching for food.

Finally it stopped for a second and I got to take two photos. First the usual photo – nothing.


And sometimes you’re Just Plain Lucky. Definitely click the photo for larger view.

Blue-headed Vireo – Greenwood IN 05/02/15

I will probably go the rest of my life and not get a better photo, maybe even a view, of a Blue-headed Vireo.