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August Birding 2017 Week 1

Last week I blogged about hoping to see as many Marion County August species as possible.  Over half  of the expected species were seen in August Birding 2017 Week 1. The local flooded field had a small spot on the far … Continue reading

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American Crows – Weekend Highlights

I told myself sometime ago I was going to post weekend highlights to make life a little easier. Having a regimented blog post concerning the weekend and one more later in the week about whatever I want fits my schedule. But I … Continue reading

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Black-bellied Plover – Weekend Highlights

I have struggled since I started this blog on getting out timely reports, mainly from the weekend, and creating a decent post. A post usually takes 2 hours with the sorting of photos, initial draft, proofreading, tags, etc. Going forward … Continue reading

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Why Bird Surveys Need to be Annual

The Thought After running the two BBS (Breeding Bird Surveys) through East-Central Indiana and analyzing the data, I had the thought WHY are bird surveys done on an annual basis? Trends in the Midwest do change but on a slower basis. And … Continue reading

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Can’t Get a Break

One never knows when the day begins how it is going to turn out.  Most days are the same. Uneventful.  We go through the day doing the same thing without much deviation. You see the same neighbors fly by that … Continue reading

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