Loss of Habitat – Vesper Sparrow

I ran the following photo as the front page photo to this blog a few weeks ago.  It is of a Vesper Sparrow that isn’t uncommon but not the easiest species to find in Johnson County.

Vesper Sparrow – Johnson County. 5/8/15

A couple of summers ago on the way to Atterbury FWA I heard it singing.  It was at this location for the rest of the summer. And it came back last year.  And then again earlier this year it was back.  I even went out of my way to count it on the IAS Big May Day Count.

So image my surprise when in late May I saw a sign advertising “2 Acre Lots for Sale” at the very spot the Vesper Sparrow calls home.

A Vesper Sparrow has been reliably found on these wires. I have blocked out the info on the signs but what it said was “2 Acre Lots for Sale”. Johnson County

It’s common for the fields of Indiana to be turned into large residential lots.  But in Illinois I never saw farm land turned into these large single home lots like I see all around Indianapolis and Johnson County.  In Illinois subdivisions of large homes were built but not one house per large tract of land like here. Just seems like a waste of a limited resource.

VESP TERR  052315A
Another view of the field that is going to be homes to people instead of Vesper Sparrows in the near future. Johnson County

Someday man is going to have to deal with land usage. But for now I guess land is seen like oil, an unlimited commodity.

Hopefully next year the Vesper Sparrow will find somewhere near by to nest. Maybe even the same area.  But one has to wonder.

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