Laura Hare Preserve – Some Changes

I usually don’t post on a birding spot that I didn’t stay and bird very long but my posts on Laura Hare Preserve have been my mostly heavily internet searched posts. It’s either there are a lot of hikers checking it out or I’m linked to some hiking/trail internet site that I don’t know about. If you do know why, I’d appreciate a comment.

So after birding Driftwood SWA Saturday I headed to Laura Hare Preserve. The first couple hundred yards walk into the preserve is usually the best for birding.

A beautiful day looking out over Lamb Lake. Laura Hare Preserve 11/7/15

The bulk of the preserve is mainly forest without much understory so the variety of birds in that part isn’t very high. Usually woodpeckers, titmice, and chickadees.  And thrushes in season.  And of course in spring and early summer it’s one of the few places close by to find Worm-eating and Hooded Warblers, Louisiana Waterthrush, and Ovenbirds.

But the first couple of hundred yards is made up of mixed trees and thickets and small pools of standing water. Just great for a variety of birds. And there have been all types of passerines in that area. And I usually walk out seeing something new for the site.

But Saturday was Different

I don’t know if it was because I got there later in the morning but I suspect it was the change to the landscape. Because it was very quiet. As I reported on my last visit there the area was hit hard with storms in July with a lot of water and wind damage. And as a result there had been some changes.

As I showed in that post part of the trail had been washed out. That area has now been fortified with concrete for drainage. In the following photos you can see the damage that happened in July but also the recent needed repair to keep the trail from constantly washing out.

The heavy rains in June and July washed out part of the trail. Laura Hare Preserve 7/25/15
Now a concrete drainage pad has been added to keep the trail from washing away. Note the lack of understory compared to the previous photo. Laura Hare Preserve 11/7/15

But it looks like in doing the repair that some of the undergrowth was removed. Hopefully just for the construction. I’m not sure why but the lack of undergrowth took away a lot of the habitat.

I know it is fall but you would have never have been ale to see through the trees last year. Laura Hare Preserve 11/7/15

My thought is that left alone the undergrowth and the birds will be back in the spring.

I didn’t spend anytime walking the complete trail since I wanted to move on to Johnson County Park.

But if you are into hiking more than birds, the preserve is still a good place to go.

Just odd to see a deer on the edge of a deep lake. Laura Hare Preserve 11/7/15

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