Just Waiting Around…

The Doldrums are still present.  But I can start to see a slight movement in the migratory sails which means we should slowly start moving toward full migration. But basically I’m still just waiting around…

I got an offer from Don G. to head to Goose Pond Saturday but after picking up a cold from basically being on the road for the past 2 weeks, I had to pass. So Mike and I hit some spots in Johnson County with the hope of seeing some early migrants plus add to our paltry 2016 Johnson County Lists.

Looking at the following cut from chart from eBird’s Indiana Bar Chart, you can see which species start migrating in early to mid-March.

Indiana March Migrants
March migrants to Indiana boxed in yellow. – eBird Bar Charts

Our main targets were Eastern Phoebe and Tree Swallow, but the day turned out to be cloudy and cold and with the passing of a cold front, the winds turned to the W and then NW. So not a great day for migrating birds. Or photos for that part.

So birding turned out to be like any other winter’s day. Looking for waterfowl and sparrows and waiting for spring and migrants to arrive.

And outside of one stop most of the birds were either single or in a pair.

You know it’s slow when a photo of a pair of Mallards is about as good as it gets. Franklin HS 3/5/16
Or a Canada Goose at Irwin park in Edinburgh. Then again I can’t say I have ever posted a photo of a lone Canada Goose. 3/5/16
There was one, and only one, bird at Driftwood. A distant and a lone Ruddy Duck. 3/5/16

So we saw a pair of MALLARDS at Franklin High School, a pair of CANADA GEESE at Irwin Park, a lone RUDDY DUCK at Driftwood, and a lone WOOD DUCK with a pair of RING-NECKED DUCKS at Atterbury.  Like I said, all singles or pairs and that was it.

Except for Lowe’s Pond in Franklin. Which was good to see since the pond has been hit and miss this winter.

There was a good mixture of Lesser Scaup, Redheads, American Coots, Mallards, and Canada Geese at Lowe’s Pond in Franklin. 3/5/16

Mike took a few shots with his camera.

IMG_4202_Redheads_Franklin IN
Some of the 40+ Redheads that were at Lowe’s pond. 3/5/16
IMG_4200 redhead male_Franklin walmart
A good flight shot of one of the Redheads that took off flying when it thought we were getting close. The others disagreed and just kept swimming. 3/5/16

We concluded the day at Johnson County Park coming across a large flock of sparrows at the usual spot. We ended up with over 10 each of SONG, WHITE-THROATED, and WHITE-CROWNED SPARROWS. Plus a few EASTERN TOWHEE, AMERICAN TREE, and a lone FOX SPARROW which Mike spotted and I really didn’t get a good look at. So not on 2016 list yet.

IMG_4204 kestrel male JC Park
The male American Kestrel that was hunting at Johnson County Park. The female was just a little higher up in the tree. 3/5/16

Hopefully the south winds and warmer temperatures forecast for this week will change things around. The Doldrums are getting old.

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