Gadwall Pair – Weekend Highlight

Even though the weather was great over the past weekend I spent time catching up for work. That kept me from getting out except for a few hours Saturday afternoon. I met up with Mike at the local retaining ponds for about an hour and later walked the local park. Both were quiet. There were a FOSĀ Gadwall pair which was the only thing new/different. So by default I’ll give them the honor of Weekend Highlight.

And yes, I need to get out more.

dscn6742 Gadwall Pair
The female of the Gadwall pair swims slowly away. It appears the waterfowl is going to slowly trickle into the area this fall. Greenwood Retaining Ponds 11/5/16
Mourning Doves have been congregating in trees instead of power lines the last few weeks. Though their numbers are down from the 250 I saw in early October. Greenwood Retaining Ponds 11/5/16
When I see different species like this European Starling and Mourning Dove sitting close together I wonder what they are talking about? Greenwood Retaining Ponds 11/5/16
There’s usually a Northern Mockingbird around this area but it must have been a good year since I have been seeing up to 5 at a time. Greenwood Retaining Ponds 11/5/16

In other news the local shorebird area has almost dried up. With no rain in the forecast I would say it is done for the year.

But the bigger story here is it looks like the owner might have run a tile into the field which doesn’t bode well for next year.

Not much water left at the shorebird site. Though it lasted longer than last year. But what’s that dirt to the right? Semi-rural Marion County 11/5/16
Looks like some drainage has been run from the field to the road. Semi-rural Marion County 11/5/16
And then under the road to the drain. I don’t remember either the drain or the black top on the road where the tile would be run. I’ll check later this year and see that once it dries out completely if the tile is extended to the middle of the field. Semi-rural Marion County 11/5/16

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