The 34th Annual JC CBC

This post is basically a repeat of the same one I do about this time of year. This will be the fourth time I have posted about the 34th Annual JC CBC since we moved here in 2013.

The 34th annual Johnson County Christmas Bird Count will be on Sunday, December 18, 2016. The center of the 7.5 mile radius circle is centered south of Indiana 252 and county road 200E.  The circle includes portions of a Johnson, Bartholomew, and Brown counties. It appears at one time the count was called the Atterbury count and changed its name to Johnson County. Maybe a change in the circle’s center?

If you are interested in joining the compiler is Mike Clay and he can be reached at:

mpclay at

If you live in the count circle all feeder reports are welcome.

Mike assigns teams that bird in the morning and then we meet at noon to recap the morning’s count.  After lunch some people continue searching for species missed in the morning.

Approximate Johnson County Christmas Bird Count Circle
The area the Johnson County CBC covers – from Franklin on the north to Sweetwater Lake on the south and west of Trafalgar to east of Edinburgh.

Now for data. The JC CBC count has averaged in the high 60’s for the number of species per count in the 29 years of data I could find on the National Audubon Society site. But the last few years it has averaged around 60 with only a few species of waterfowl seen. My guess is it hasn’t frozen up north and waterfowl hasn’t headed south. If the weather doesn’t change I’m guessing we’ll be around the same total again this year.

Some photos from 2013.

34th annual jc cbc
Our group came across an American Kestrel that had caught a House Sparrow at the Kokomo Elevator. 12/15/16
Eastern Phoebe - Driftwood SFA 121513
A lingering Eastern Phoebe by a natural seep at Driftwood SFA. 12/15/13

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