Beach Bunting

Mike and I headed to the Lake Michigan last Saturday in hopes of a good lake movement with plenty of loons and gulls and who knows what else.  It didn’t happen. The winds were too calm. But when you work you can’t pick and choose what day you get to take birding adventures.

Pretty much how the day went. What birds we saw were distant. A flock of ? against the Chicago skyline. Miller Beach – 11/7/15

At every stop though we heard a group of small birds flying over giving a distinct call that we were not familiar. But ID’ing the birds in flight as Snow Buntings was relatively easy from their unique colors. Here is the flight call of the Snow Bunting we were having a hard time identifying.

Sibley points out that when Snow Buntings are in flock they give out a short, nasal zrrt. That is the call that is heard in the recording and we heard on the beach.

Mike got a photo of the only Snow Bunting that we saw on the ground. The rest were always noisily flying about. Michigan City, IN 11/14/15




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