Yellow-rumpeds and a Bald Eagle

This past weekend was busy to start but died down quickly.  Mike and I headed to Southwestway Park to see if we could pick up any migrants.  We parked cars at each end of the park allowing us to walk the length of the park without having to double back. We would be walking through a part of the park I hadn’t seen before.  So hopefully a little bit of bushwhacking.

The first few yards along the southern end of the park was rather birder.  Our goal was Golden-crowned Kinglets.  A bird I thought I hadn’t seen yet this year. Have I mentioned my year on species has been a little slow? Anyway I later checked and had seen one on the Muscatatuck Christmas Bird Count on Jan 1.

And we did see numerous Golden-crowned Kinglets and several Ruby-crowned along the road.  We also had White-crowned and White-throated Sparrows.  But on the main walk along the bluff it was slow.  So I was glad we did the cars the way we did.  Just a few Yellow-rumped Warblers on the hour and half walk. On the north end we saw the first of fall Fox Sparrows. And the overcast skies didn’t lend itself to photos.

A Song Sparrow that hopped up out of the brush. Meijer Pond 10/25/15

We did the car switch which put us back at the Southern edge of the park.  Mike left and I went back along the road hoping for a few pictures in slightly better light. And of course it turned out to be much quieter than earlier.  But watching a couple of Song Sparrows an Orange-crowned Warbler popped out.  Since I have very few I was busy talking into my voice recorder to confirm the ID.  And the ID comes first. So no picture. Sorry.

I had a little time Sunday morning so I did the local patches.  Sparrows were numerous around Meijer Pond along with a few Palm and Yellow-rumped Warblers.

I then headed to Franklin Township Park for the usual one hour loop.

And there were Yellow-rumped Warblers everywhere.

Others record these type of numbers but I haven’t seen this many in a long time. There were 2 or 3 in every bush and tree around the small pond.

The first of many Yellow-rumped Warblers encountered on the morning. Franklin Township Park 10/25/15


They were in every type of bush or tree. Franklin Township Park 10/25/15
This one even decided to show his yellow rump to the camera. Franklin Township Park 10/25/15

Otherwise it was quiet until I reached the car around 10:45.  I noticed a lone Turkey Vulture flying to the north.  With the naked eye it didn’t seem right. I got the binoculars back out of the car and took a look.  Sure enough.  Turkey Vulture.  But there was a second one and it banked and the plank wing pattern said it wasn’t a Turkey Vulture.

It was a younger Bald Eagle circling on the mid-morning winds. Earlier this year I had seen 2 adult Bald Eagles chasing each other here.  So I knew they were around.

I’m guessing a third year Bald Eagle from amount of white on the head and tail. Franklin Township Park 10/25/15


Not a great photo but I posted it to show how wide and “plank” looking are Bald Eagle wings. Franklin Township Park 10/25/15

So as always there is usually something interesting if you get out and look.



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