Weekend of 4/19-20 – Migration has Started in Earnest

Nothing uncommon to report but migration has started in earnest.  This weekend I recorded 10 First-of Year (FOY) species.  Probably the most satisfying was a Sora at a sorta-new location.  Franklin HS has an area in front of the school that is set aside for habitat restoration or a natural area, I can’t remember which they call it.  Anyway it has always been dry with some dead cattails, so I never paid it much attention, until recently when we received all the rain.

Franklin HS Marsh 042014

It is now a nice little marsh area.  I didn’t have much time Sunday AM so I thought I would check it out.  Upon arriving there were some Blue-winged Teal, an American Coot, and a Pied-billed Grebe on the water.  A couple of Wilson’s Snipe didn’t like me standing on the bank and whined and flushed to the other side of the area.  A couple of Tree Swallows also flew over.

TRES Driftwood 041320

Then I tried a short Sora tape and immediately got a response.  And it was out in the open walking around.  I got a few photos from the distance.  Coming from the vast cornfield wasteland of Illinois it is always good to find a marsh, even if it is small.

SORA Franklin HS 042014A

SORA Franklin HS 042014

Mike and I birded Driftwood SFA, Irwin Park, and a flooded field Saturday morning.  Mike has been a little short with me and my inability to take photos, which I admit needs a lot of work, so he brought his “real” camera.  I will post his photos when I receive them.

The FOY birds I saw this weekend are as follows: Green Heron, Sora, Solitary Sandpiper, Greater Yellowlegs, Warbling Vireo, Northern Rough-winged Swallow, Purple Martin, House Wren, Wood Thrush, and Prairie Warbler.


3 Replies to “Weekend of 4/19-20 – Migration has Started in Earnest”

  1. I forgot to email you the photos – will do on Friday. Great you found a sora – doubt if he sticks around until the weekend.

  2. I really hate to miss the birding at Atterbury this weekend. Linda and I are going to Evansville to the Ohio River Valley Birding Festival. It should be great experience. We meet the group at 4:00 on Friday morning at a park to start our trip. We’re very excited. I hope you have another hike at Atterbury. I would love to come.

    Happy Birding!

    1. Sorry you can’t make it. Might not be as good as I hoped because the road on the east side – I think it is called River Road – is closed do to wash outs from the rough winter. And that is where the warblers were last year. But we should still be able to find a few good birds!

      Have a good time at the festival. I just wish migration wasn’t such a narrow window of time. One has to make too many choices about what to do.


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