October 25, 2014 – Turkey Vulture Saturday

This wasn’t the first time I had encountered large numbers of Turkey Vultures in Edinburgh, but it was the highest count. And this was my personal high count ever for one group of Turkey Vultures. 

Over the last two years I have seen 20 – 25 Turkey Vultures in the dead tree west of Casey’s.  But this time there was at least 3 times that many. And yes, I did look at every one of them in hopes of a Black Vulture, which I didn’t spot.

Otherwise the day was quiet except for a Blue-headed Vireo at Irwin Park.  Still no waterfowl.

This was a few of the Turkey Vultures starting to soar. As seen from Irwin Park about 10AM.
This is the typical few of the dead tree west of Casey’s, 20 or so Turkey Vultures. But today there were more…
They were also in the tree just to the south of the dead tree.
And on the Christmas Lights on the water tower just south of the trees.
Plus one on the cross of the church by the trees. There has got to be a proverb or saying with this caption but it eludes me.

I  count 70 in the attached photos, which is what I counted in the field. And I am sure I missed some.

How many do you count?

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