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If you have been following this blog then you know I believe that you can find most birds that are yearly residents or migrate through the Midwest within minutes of your home. I just don’t believe you have to travel far from home to see most birds. So when we moved from Franklin to the south side of Indianapolis last month, I was lost on where to bird. Living in Franklin it was a no brainer to head to Atterbury FWA area, a 15 minute drive.  But now Atterbury is a half hour drive one way. Time which I would rather spend birding.

So one  reason I haven’t been blogging, besides the move and being out-of-town for business for a few days, is the lack of direction in birding. I have birded each weekend through August but have not been enthusiastic about it. I’m now pretty sure the course I am going to take, plus some rest, so the enthusiasm has returned.

First let me say that if Atterbury was a prime birding spot I would continue to make the drive. But as I will blog in the next couple of weeks, in my opinion Atterbury is deteriorating as a birding site. The military is starting the construction on the area they swapped out in 2010.  Plus there are crops being grown on former grassland areas.  Plus as I blogged last September, it is essentially closed from September through January except to hunters. I will continue to make the occasional Johnson County run, but not on a weekly basis.

Readers also know I have never got into a groove like I did in Illinois.  My basic schedule was to bird Saturday AM for passerines, bird  the local gull/shorebird area Sunday afternoon, then stop on the way home from work a couple of nights a week to scan gulls or shorebirds.  But I hadn’t been able to do that easily living in Franklin.

I have already found a flooded field between work and our new residence that was packed with shorebirds.  Plus there are two parks, where hunting is not allowed, that I can bird to and from work. And  I can easily get to Eagle Creek on a Sunday afternoon to watch the gulls, something I really miss.

So I am back into birding the way I like it.  Time will tell how it works out.

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  1. I don’t know if you have been to Ft. Harrison State Park, but it’s another excellent birding location. As an Important Bird Area, there are opportunities to view numerous breeding and migratory species. When I worked there this summer, I ended up seeing 70 species and locating multiple nesting sites.

    Eagle Creek Park is another favorite of mine, and, with so many people visiting there, there’s always a chance a rarity will turn up. Plus, there are different habitat types on the property, which gives you a greater chance for finding specific species.

    1. Andy, thanks for the info. I have been to Eagle Creek a couple of times but not Ft. Harrison. I see that Don Gorney has a bird walk at Ft. Harrison on Sunday mornings during migration. Back in Illinois we used to have an Audubon outing every couple of weeks during migration and I enjoyed them. So I will probably go to Ft. Harrison this Sunday. Otherwise it will probably be Southwestway or Southeastway Parks for now. Always plenty of birds around.


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