Shelby County Snow Geese

I decided to take the long way home meandering through the agriculture landscape looking for white blobs (Snowy Owls) or maybe a hawk sitting on the smallest, top limb of a tree (Rough-legged Hawk).  I didn’t really expect to see any, and I didn’t, but I did come across a pair of Snow Geese at a retention pond on the north side of Shelbyville.

And as Landon Neumann states often on IN-Bird, birds like these are good to see in the “cornfield desert”. Or something similar to that. It conveys the idea well.

SNGO 122914
The pair of Snow Geese in a “natural setting” – factory grounds by a retention pond. Shelbyville, IN 12/29/14
SNGO 122914A
A better view of one of the two. I like to observe Snow Geese near Canada Geese to get a good feel for their size. The size contrast helps so on the few occasions I come across the smaller Ross’s Geese it is easier to make the ID.
SNGO 122914B
And here practicing it’s dance moves in preparation for a New Year’s Eve Party.



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