Bushwhacking Birder Quick 2016 Recap

Since it appears to be a tradition for bloggers to pick their annual favorites, here is my 2016 recap on a few of my favorites.

2016 Recap – My 3 Favorite Photos

This might be the only White-eyed Vireos photo I ever get since they never sit up for photos. Johnson County Park 4/24/16
Mountain Bluebird – Fruita section of the Colorado River State Park – 12/7/16
Probably my new favorite species since I can never seem to see Carolina Wrens. Northern Flicker – Driftwood SFA – 7/25/16

2016 Recap – My 3 Favorite Adventures

London in April with my wife. What else to say?
An adventure I haven’t had time to post. American Dipper – Veltus Park, Glenwood Springs, CO 12/7/16
Far and away the best thing I did in 2016, two USGS North American Breeding Bird Surveys. Shelby County, IN 6/12/16

2016 Recap – My 3 Highest Viewed Blog Posts

In July I wrote a short post on The World’s Smallest Dove that continues to be viewed.
One of the first posts I wrote back in December 2013 which keeps getting viewed – The Laura Hare Preserve at Blossom Hollow.
2016 Recap
The winner by far this year was the October post on the Red-tailed Vulture I initially thought was a Red-tailed Hawk but was a Red-shouldered. Just proves people like the macabre.

2016 Recap – Best Blog Posts – Other Bloggers

I got this from a link in a blog post. Not the pretty side of birding – Rare Siberian Accentor attracts hundreds to Easington car park. Not noted here but I think this is the twitch where the crowd got ugly when they only got 10 minutes to view the bird.

A post by the Wanstead Birder was the funniest blog post I read all year – Rocking. I just kept laughing.

The last paragraph of the Birding dude ‘s post on the Tough Going For Birds Sharing The Beach At Cupsogue County Park sums up my feelings about the state of birds and birders. Enough said.

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