One White, One Dark

As I noted back in early December the company I work for changed computer systems and I was transitioning to a new position.  As with most things both took longer then planned and  culminated the last couple of weeks.  Heck, for the first time in as long as I can remember I worked both weekend days and didn’t bird at all. Nor have I had time to blog.

So it was good to walk out of work yesterday and see some uncommon birds. At least  uncommon for the Shelby County area.

Two Snow Geese mixed in with hundreds of Canada Geese. Shelbyville Retaining Pond 02/10/15

A white and dark Snow Goose. Not anything like the thousands reported lately at Goose Pond but still good to see.



021Not the first Snow Geese I have seen in the area having seen two down the road in December. But I can add the Snow Geese along to the Red-necked Grebe I saw last year at the work pond.

And I should be over the hump and back to birding and blogging this weekend.


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  1. Where is the retaining pond, if you don’t mind saying, you’re talking about. I live in Shelby county and do a Shelby co list every year. My list this year is very short.
    I haven’t had the chance to bird as much as last year. Plus no snow and last year there was water in a field on my way to work and it was full every day with birds I had never seen in Shelby co. The farmer tiled the field last summer. I haven’t had the birds at my feeder I usually do. The only ducks I’ve seen on Flat Rock River are Malards. Last year I had all the Mergansers, Shovlers and several other first timers. The black duck that has been there for several years hasn’t even showed up.
    I tried to see the White faced goose you saw on Kanuff’s pond, but was afraid to park there I didn’t want to get in trouble. I pulled in there by the bridge but chickened out.
    I love your blog. Thanks for taking the time.


    1. Good to hear from you again. Thought the birding might be slow since I hadn’t heard from you in a while. Sorry the farmer tiled the field. One of the best spots I had in Illinois was a field that a farmer tried to tile but never could get it to drain.

      The pond is on the NW corner of Michigan and Northridge Dr. Not many good spots to look from or park. Especially at shift change for the factories. Maybe park on the little road that goes back to Fastenal and look north. When I went by yesterday there were only a few Canada Geese.

      Thanks for reading and taking the time to respond,

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