November 2014 – Way Too Much Travel

Two Weeks in Ohio

The division of the company where I’m employed is switching to a “new” computer system today, Monday, December 1.  So I have been in NW Ohio two of the last four weeks training on the “new” system.  The upside is that we had already switched to the “new” system at the plant I worked at in Illinois.  So I’m familiar with the system. The downside is that it is still a computer change and anyone one that has been through one can tell you that it’s not fun.

A Week Out West

A couple of months ago I took a new position in our company.  Until a replacement is found I’m still at my current position but slowly transitioning to the new one.  I now report to someone from overseas who was in the States a couple of weeks ago.  So I traveled with him that week.

A Week for Thanksgiving

And the past week was Thanksgiving.  So we were out-of-town at relatives for several days.

Plus what free time I have is being used for an upcoming trip.

So there you have the reasons I didn’t blog the month of November.  And there really wasn’t anything to report for the little birding I did for the month of November in Indiana.


But that doesn’t mean I didn’t get to bird at all.  The new position will periodically take me to Southern California.  Which it did a few weeks ago.  We concluded business on a Thursday and I stayed on a couple of days and birded, picking up ABA #400. I will report on that trip soon.

One of several (American) Bushtits that were moving through in a flock. Mission Trails Regional Park – San Diego County CA 11/19/14


And the same bird feeding.



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