I spent a few hours Saturday morning covering a small area of Driftwood SFA watching just a few birds and seeing if they were heading to nests.

The easiest to observe from a distance was a pair of Eastern Kingbirds on a nest.



A male Yellow Warbler was singing from a tree top which lead to a nest in an adjacent tree. See the nest?



And a Baltimore Oriole’s nest way up in a Cottonwood(?) tree.



I also came across a couple of Brown Thrasher’s doing their chuck call at me when I walked by, so I am guessing they had a nest in the bush.  A couple more Yellow Warblers were on territory singing.  And numerous American Robins were flying in and out of the hedges.


A pair of Spotted Sandpipers were walking along the water’s edge.


It’s amazing to me how many birds were probably nesting in the small 9-10 acre area I was observing. Eastern Towhees, Song Sparrows, Mourning Doves, Gray Catbirds, Blue-Gray Gnatcatchers, Orchid Orioles for example.

And Saturday afternoon I came across this Savannah Sparrow at the local High School.


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  1. and a little bird is leaving its nest to migrate to connecticut….. i will have to cover the county myself then. here in tippecanoe, we saw a canada warbler today but it is getting quieter than last week…

    1. And there was construction in every state which makes it slow going. The drive took an hour longer than it should have both ways. I birded the local reservoir both days with the highlight being a male Baltimore Oriole relentlessly attack a Blue Jay that wasn’t getting the hint to move on. After many minutes the Blue Jay finally left. The day before I had watched a Blue Jay attack the local Red-tailed Hawk. But I didn’t see a Red-tailed Hawk attack a Baltimore Oriole which would have completed the cycle.

      This coming weekend should be the last one I will be tied up.


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