Not in Kansas (Or Indiana)

I thought I had better put up a quick blurb to explain why I hadn’t posted anything the last week.  The following should explain.

Black-Bellied Whistling Ducks and 11 young. Sabal Palm Sanctuary 06/20/14

As one can tell from the picture I am not in Indiana or anywhere else in the Midwest.  The photo of a pair of Black-bellied Whistling-Ducks and 11 young was taken on 6/20/14 at Sabal Palm Sanctuary in Brownsville, TX.  Of course I had many pictures to pick from but my daughter picked this one cause of the “cute babies”.  A scientific term I think.

Just a few more hours of birding and I’ll be home posting about the trip.  At least I will try since I think I have taken more photos in the last week than I have all year.

A parting photo from today.

Great Kiskadee, Estero Llano Grande SP, Weslaco TXGRKI Estero Llano Grande SP Weslaco TX



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