Just Plain Lucky

If you have been following this blog then you know that taken photos is not my main objective in birding.  But I still like to get a good photo once in a while. Especially of birds that I don’t get a chance to photograph often.

Mike and I were birding a local park a week ago Saturday when I noticed something flitting through the trees.  My first thought was that it was a warbler but we had only seen one warbler that morning, an American Redstart.

American Redstart – Greenwood IN 05/02/15

But I stayed on the moving bird and from it’s shape I could tell it was a vireo.  And a Blue-headed Vireo at that! As seen in the following Indiana Bar Chart from eBird, we see less Blue-headed Vireos in Indiana than all vireos except Philadelphia Vireos .

Indiana - Vireos

We got to watch the bird for a good length of time.  But as I stated it was working its way though the trees like a warbler, not offering much of a chance for a photo. Mike thinks since the trees had hardly budded there wasn’t much to eat so it kept moving searching for food.

Finally it stopped for a second and I got to take two photos. First the usual photo – nothing.


And sometimes you’re Just Plain Lucky. Definitely click the photo for larger view.

Blue-headed Vireo – Greenwood IN 05/02/15

I will probably go the rest of my life and not get a better photo, maybe even a view, of a Blue-headed Vireo. 




5 Replies to “Just Plain Lucky”

  1. That’s awesome – congrats!! It’s really the coolest vireo we get up here in Wisconsin as well. They are just stunning to see in the field!

    1. Like I said, it kept moving but would stop long enough for good views. Not a photo, but a view. And then repeat. So taking all those stops together I got a long view.

      I have decided to go to far Western Colorado birding this year. So hopefully I’ll get a good view of a Plumbeous Vireo for comparison.

      1. Nice Bob!!! Looking forward to hearing about your trip out west! After going to Costa Rica I’ve been focused on international travel, but need to remember there are large parts of the U.S. I’ve never birded. Looking forward to hearing how CO goes.

    1. Thanks. I have a few other species I would like to see that well but they will never sit still long enough. Especially in the open.

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