Johnson County – Common Loons

In my last post I said the goal was to get out and bird more. To add at least one night a week for birding. Last night was the second week in a row I added a mid-week night for birding.

And since my goal is to look for uncommon birds in the local area and since it is the right time for loons and grebes, I thought I would hit a couple of ponds. I no sooner arrived at Driftwood SFA and a Bald Eagle flew over, the first I had seen in the county since Jan. 1. I didn’t even have time to get the camera out.

A look at the water and there was a Common Loon in the distance.


In fact there ended up being 2 loons.


Commons Loons aren’t that uncommon in Central Indiana but outside Lamb Lake they are to hard find in Johnson County.

One decided to flap it’s wings for me.





And then it took a look at me.



I then headed to another spot and left the loons to themselves.


I am now torn between Long-tailed Duck and Common Loon for the coolest looking bird migrating through our area. And I am glad I added the extra birding day.



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  1. Glad you finally found the loons. i am up to 52 here in tippecanoe county. Found some rusty blackbirds, sandhill cranes and bw teal a few days ago. i’m missing a lot of easier stuff like i only have 2 woodpeckers so far …. i expect to see a phoebe any day now.

    1. Glad to see you are getting out up there. Since I saw a Common Loon at Driftwood last year I figured they would be there again if I timed it right. No Red-necked Grebes though. Let me know when you are back in the area.

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