Ivory Gull – Quincy, IL – Jan. 3

Last Saturday, Jan. 3, Mike Clay made the journey to Quincy, IL to view the Ivory Gull found the day before by Jason Mullins. Mike asked me to go but having traveled extensively for the last 2 months getting in a car for 10 hours didn’t sound appealing.

Here is a report by Mike and a few pictures:

I waited until the following day (Saturday) to make sure it was still there, and drove the 5 hr (325 mi) to Quincy, arriving at 1:30 local time.  Found it immediately and got great looks.  It seemed to have a pattern of flying N on the river to feed (we saw it take a fish from about 150 feet away near shore) and then resting on ice carried downstream. Then returning upstream to feed.  It did not hang out with the RBGU, the only gull I saw present (~few hundred).  It was the same size as RBGU.  I took some pictures, but the lighting wasn’t great nor was the photographer.  But they show ID anyway.  There were maybe  20 birders there during the 2 hours I stayed. I chased the Point Pelee/Wheatley harbor Ivory Gull in Jan 2006 but it was a no-show, so this made up for that. Plus it was a LOT warmer (37 with no rain).

IVGU 010315A

IVGU 010315B

IVGU 010315

Thanks for the report and pictures Mike.

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