Increasing Hours in the Field

In 2018 I’ll have goals for birds, butterflies, trees, wildflowers, etc. Even maybe a dragonfly or two. But the number of species of any of those will pale compared to the goal of Increasing Hours in the field to learn Natural History. And really “Getting to know” what I see during those hours. And that is the one main goal for 2018.

Have 5, Need 10+

2017 was a low year for time in the field. I didn’t even average 5 hours per week. For comparison in previous years I have spent up to 12-13 hours a week while working full-time. And these are actual hours in the field which doesn’t include driving time to and from birding.

The majority of those hours will probably be spent in the local Johnson-Marion Counties area. As previously stated I’m embarrassed I don’t know the local fauna and flora. Let alone the rest of Indiana’s. So the goal is learn the local area and hopefully take several trips to start learning the more distant Natural Areas of Indiana.

Increasing Hours
In 2018 I plan to take several small trips to explore the Natural Areas of Indiana.


And by concentrating on butterflies and their associated natural areas I should be able to spend time a day or two a week after work learning a few things. This is possible with birding but there isn’t a very good birding spot on the drive home. However there are a couple of small parks that look good for butterflies.

Work and Free Time

So hopefully changing positions at work last fall has set things upĀ for more time in the field. The current position doesn’t have the travel like the old one. Just the daily 30 minute one-way drive to and from work. Which isn’t bad if I use the time wisely to learn things.

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  1. This is a worthwhile mission; finding the time to bird for any appreciable amount of time is definitely challenging with work and family obligations. But I find the time in the field helps recharge me mentally and physically, helping me function better in all other priorities. Good luck.

    If any of your Indiana wanderings take you near Fort Wayne, it would be great to meet up and bird with you!

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