I should have checked at lunch…

The following probably would have made a good Facebook post. But as followers know I disdain a bird photo or species report without a story behind it. Even a few details to liven up the story. So I’m still going to do this as a blog post versus a FB post.

Most of my posts take between 1.5-2 hours. But this one is going to be similar to what I see on other blogs. Short and to the point. I have set the timer on the iPhone to 30 minutes and off I go. We’ll see if I think it holds up to my usual standards.

Yesterday morning wasn’t anything special. I worked on a future post concerning juncos in Colorado and headed off to work. Upon arriving I did the usual scan of the plant’s retaining (or is it retention??) pond. I have seen most of the expected waterfowl on the pond including a Red-necked Grebe during the outburst a couple of years ago.

Yesterday Morning I Added a New Species to the Pond

The scan produced 7 Greater-white Fronted Geese on the edge of the pond.  They were hanging out on the spot usually taken by the Canada Geese.

That’s right, just like a FB you are getting photos of the Greater White-fronted Geese from my iPhone. Did you miss my Birding Backpack post where I state I don’t carry my camera?

I watched them for a few minutes, getting an accurate count, and headed in to work.

And in the Afternoon I Added One More

Jump several hours later and I’m heading home. I scanned for the Greater White-fronted Geese but they weren’t to be seen. But to my surprise there was a little white goose!

A Ross’s Goose took me by surprise. But considering that geese are turning up everywhere this winter I shouldn’t be.
That’s right, why take the time to enlarge the photo when I can just stick it on the webpage? I was hoping the photo would show the size difference between the species.

Not everyday I can add a couple of species to my work list. Of course I don’t actively pursue my work list so it isn’t very large.

Now what if I had gone out and checked at lunch???

There I did it under 30 minutes. Of course that isn’t counting the time to get the photos from the phone to the blog. And no photo editing, proofreading, verb usage check, SEO check, highlighting, etc. Sorry if there are a few errors. I’ll stick to the longer format unless I think I have something someone else would like to chase.

4 Replies to “I should have checked at lunch…”

  1. Pretty cool, but I hear there were some Harlequin Ducks during the 9:00am staff meeting. Also, it is indeed a retention pond, not to be confused with a detention basin which is dry. And next time I would spend a few extra minutes blogging to complete that Short-eared Owl check. You never know when they will pop up.

    1. Wouldn’t you know the Receiving Manager blew off the 9AM meeting and scored the Harlequin Ducks? Seriously most days I think the Big Sit concept makes more sense then trying several different spots. If only we were more patient…

    1. Mike, since I have posted on the Internet this is a Ross’s Goose, it has to be a Ross’s Goose. Like I said yesterday, don’t you know the Internet is always correct. 😉

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