Can’t Get a Break

One never knows when the day begins how it is going to turn out.  Most days are the same. Uneventful.  We go through the day doing the same thing without much deviation.

The day begins like any other day for this Red-shouldered Hawk, with an uneventful flight over Eagle Creek Reservoir, Indianapolis. 9/26/15

You see the same neighbors fly by that you do most other days.

Double-crested Cormorants seen from Rick’s – Eagle Creek Reservoir. 9/26/15
And a lone Ring-billed Gull flies by on its daily routine. Rick’s – Eagle Creek Reservoir 9/26/15

But there are other days when you just can’t get a break.


The Red-shouldered Hawk headed east towards Eagle Creek Airport and then things started to get ugly.

A group of 20 American Crows were lounging around the airports hangers just looking for trouble like crows often do, when one spots the Red-shouldered Hawk  flying by slowly.

An American Crow spots the Red-shouldered Hawk and alerts the mob that there is someone in the area to harass. Eagle Creek Airport 9/26/15

The Crows not missing a chance to harass immediately jump into action.

The Red-shouldered Hawk is just gliding by when the American Crows decide to harass it. Eagle Creek Airport – 9/26/15
The first of several Crows after the Red-shouldered Hawk. Eagle Creek Airport – 9/26/15
A couple more Crows decide to join the “fun”. Eagle Creek Airport – 9/26/15

It takes some fast flying and some good maneuvers but the Red-shouldered finally shakes the Crows.

Looking for a safe haven the Red-shouldered Hawk ducks into a nearby tree. Eagle Creek Airport – 9/26/15
The Red-shouldered sits in a secure location and waits out the Crows to move on and bully someone else down the road. Eagle Creek Airport – 9/26/15

After a bit the Red-shouldered Hawk decides that it is safe to move on. So it flies low and east over a group of evergreen trees.

When out of no where a Red-tailed Hawk comes flying in fast and rams the Red-shouldered. 

(Sorry, no photo, it all happened fast and after the crows I wasn’t expecting more action.)

And just like a bouncer at a bar, after ramming the Red-shouldered Hawk a couple of times, the Red-tailed Hawk flew over to a fence and watches to make sure that the Red-shouldered left the premises. Eagle Creek Airport – 9/26/15
And I swear this American Kestrel, who was watching the whole action, was just waiting for its chance to make a pass at the Red-shouldered Hawk. But it restrained itself and stayed on the fence watching. Eagle Creek Airport – 9/26/15

So maybe this was a normal day for the Red-shouldered Hawk, but I’m betting it was one of those days that it wished it just had stayed in the nest a little while longer.

(I want to think Don Gorney for confirming the Red-shouldered Hawk ID. One of those cases the more I looked the less sure I was of the ID.)

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