Birding and Exercise: First Month Recap

For those of you interested I thought I would post the results of the first month of birding and exercise and compare it to what I thought I could have done birding my normal way.

I ended up seeing 43 species on my walks around the Franklin area compared to the approximately 55 species I could have seen if I would have drove down to Atterbury and Johnson County Park Area during a normal January with more open water.  With the weather cold and snowy the month didn’t offer a lot of opportunities anywhere in the county.  To rack up large species numbers, which is hardly ever my intent, I would have needed to head to SW Indiana.  So for the month of January I don’t think it mattered much if I walked or drove, the birds just weren’t around.

On the bright side I ended up losing 6 pounds on the month from a combination of walking and eating better.  Eating better consists mainly just taking sweets and chips out of my diet.  The loss of those calories plus the extra calories from walking made up the total.  I walked a total of 37 miles on 6 weekend outings plus extra miles from a couple of 2-3 mile walks during most weeks after work.

The bird of the Month - a Leucistic Canada Goose that I first saw flying over the my neighborhood and thought was a Snow Goose.
The Bird of the Month – a Leucistic Canada Goose that I first saw flying over my neighborhood and thought was a Snow Goose.

One exercise program I learned from my days of running was a plan that called for a couple of big running days per week and then shorter, easier runs in between.  That plan seems to work well for working people that can’t get out and exercise daily.  I think it will be a good routine for birding with a longer walk on the weekend days and one of the weekend nights.  To burn calories walking you need to be out for a long time and this program will provide those walks.

The plan for February will be like my previous birding but with walking.  Since I have a feel for what I can do walking and birding, I will now start looking for uncommon birds in my area and some of the more uncommon birds I missed in January.   Plus keep extending the walks to get in shape for migration season.  And hopefully lose another 5-6 pounds.


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  1. Great that you lost 6 pounds! I’ve been a couch potato in January. Now that we have more light I will try to get out a little in Feb!!

    1. When are you going to have time to get out?

      The truth be told it was extra weight I put on out east over the holidays. But if I stay at it I should keep losing.

      There were 2 Greater White-fronted Geese with about 10 Canada Geese flying around Lowes/Walmart this afternoon. They never landed and then headed east. I got a couple of longer distance flight pictures as they flew by. I’ll post a few later today or first thing in the morning. New County Bird!

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