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As my mother used to ask when I hadn’t called in a while (before cell phones and when long-distance calls cost too much), “Have you fallen off the face of the earth?”.  No, I am still here and have even birded some. Just no extra time to blog. But I am getting back into a routine after the move so the blogging should increase.

I took today off and took some time to lake watch at Eagle Creek Reservoir from Rick’s parking lot on the off-chance a Sabine’s Gull would fly by. Or maybe a Franklin’s. Or dare I say the J-word?  I did the same thing last Sunday afternoon. It is the right time of the year, maybe a week or two early.  But there have been steady winds from the north the last couple of days. Didn’t have luck either time, but you won’t know unless you look.

A few pictures of the above mentioned gulls from previous years.

SAGU Carlyle Lake 092510
Juvenile Sabine’s Gull from the Illinois Ornithological Society’s Pelagic Field Trip on Carlyle Lake. 09/25/10


SAGU Carlyle Lake 092510A
Same Bird Flying away. Notice the distinctive tri-colored wings. Photo cropped and enlarged.
PAJA Carlyle Lake 092510
Parasitic Jaeger – same location and date as above Sabine’ Gull. Just looks Bad A**, especially at close range.
FRGU LL 052612A
Franklin’s Gull – A yearly visitor to the Illinois Valley, where I did most of my birding in Illinois. LaSalle Lake 052612

It was good to get the “feel” of the 25 Ringed-bills coming and going. I really haven’t watched gulls since I moved to Indiana and I need to get the “feel” of Ringed-bills so I can differentiate a different gull or tern that might chance by.

RBGU Eagle CreekA 091214
Take time to watch the “common” birds so you will notice the uncommon birds.
RBGU Eagle CreekB 091214
Like this “common” Ring-billed Gull in flight.
RBGU Eagle CreekC 091214
Eagle Creek Reservoir 091214

The only other bird of note was an Osprey that I first noticed on a light pole on the dam and then hunting below the dam. Otherwise it was quiet.

OSPR Eagle Creek 091214
Osprey, a long ways away. Eagle Creek Reservoir 091214

I will join Mike tomorrow morning at Southwestway Park and then hopefully go on Don Gorney’s walk at Ft. Harrison Sunday morning. So I should have more to report Monday.

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