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I’m not a photographer. It’s not in my nature to sit and wait.  When I’m out I like to keep moving. Mostly by foot. Birding by auto isn’t my thing. Maybe occasionally by bike. But to get a great photo one needs to be patient.

A few Saturdays ago I worked my way down besides one of the marshy ponds at Atterbury FWA to see if there were any waterfowl on the pond.


There were a few unseen CANADA GEESE at the far end of the pond.

But there was a SWAMP SPARROW chipping under the brush. I gave a pish and it came a little closer, checked me out, and went on about its business. I stood motionless, like a good photographer, waiting, and watching.

SWSP 031619

The sparrow worked the area under the limbs. It worked on top of limbs. It scratched at the leaves. It jumped and hopped checking out the small area just left in the photo. It moved from 10 feet away to a couple of feet.

But always with a tangle of limbs between us.

I still took several photos. Only one turned out. The one above.

And for a reason I can’t put my finger on the photo struck out at me.

I have taken 1000’s of bird photos over the years and this is only the second that instantly struck out to me.

Here’s the other. February 3, 2010. Illinois River Widewaters, LaSalle County, IL. Gulls congregate in large numbers on the river side of the road. This is the view towards the bluff.

CANG Pair 020310

Neither photo is of rare species. Neither are exceptionally good photos. The locations aren’t exotic.

The photos must remind me of something. Not sure what, but something. I’ll let you know when I figure it out. Or probably not since the odds are it is something personal from my past.

Have certain bird photos ever struck you?

4 Replies to “A Photo”

    1. Thanks Greg. You know without buying the high or even mid-dollar equipment it is always nice to get a good shot. But I think it is time for an upgrade. My camera is getting on 6 years old. I’m sure I’ll blog about the decision soon.

  1. I think you’re well aware of how much I am into photography. Photography does take patience, and, most of the time, I’ll end up with one or two good ones out of dozens of pictures. Occasionally, the pictures that were out of focus do draw my attention from time to time because of interesting poses or lighting.

    1. Since I have started this blog I have become more patient on taken photos. But I’m still looking for the right blend between photography and birding. I’m actually getting a new camera today which might tilt the scales more towards photography. I’m sure I’ll blog about that in the near future.

      If you have any of those “interesting” pictures you’d like to share let me know. I sure liked the ones from last summer.

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