Superficially Same but Different

I have previously blogged about the birds I observed in London that looked and acted the same as our birds and about birds that looked different but acted the same. This post will cover a third group of birds which are superficially the same but don’t have equivalent US species that jump out at me.


Birds like Greylag Geese are similar to Greater White-fronted Geese but just superficially to me. Hyde Park 4/2/16


The Common Shelduck reminds me of a Common Merganser but it is bigger with buff and of course the shell on its bill. St. James Park 4/3/16


The Long-tailed Tit is sort of like our chickadee but the color is off and of course ours don’t have the long tail. Hyde Park 4/5/16


The Red-crested Pochard has me stumped. It really doesn’t remind me of any waterfowl in the US. Hyde Park 4/2/16


This has to be the luckiest photo I have ever taken. I heard a Willow Warbler calling in the back of a tree and watched it feeding for several minutes. It jumped up once and I grabbed the camera.  I took three photos and it dove back down in the bushes. I didn’t think I had the camera up in time and went on chasing a Wren. Back at the hotel I had two blurred photos and this one. Remarkable! Reminds me of a Tennessee Warbler.


This Blackcap acted like a typical warbler, hiding in the tree limbs. At least this photo shows its black cap against its gray body. Hyde Park 4/5/16


Like the Monk Parakeet has in our larger cities, the Rose-ringed Parakeet has adapted to an urban environment. Hyde Park 4/5/16

And I saved, at least in my opinion, the best for last. 


We have nothing like a Great Crested Grebe.

108 not even superficially

The grebe from a different angle. The tufts are not as apparent.

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