Jackdaw – Opportunistic Corvid

I have been looking at the following JACKDAW photos off and on for the three months since we got back from London. I kept thinking they reminded me of something but I couldn’t put my finger on it. Then it dawned on me.

It probably doesn’t matter where you go in the world, if the bird belongs to the corvid family it is opportunistic.

Before I said my goodbyes to the two British birders at the London Wetland Centre they said to make sure to check out the concession stand area. There had been Jackdaw (official name Western Jackdaw) hanging around the roof earlier in the day.

Hanging around the concession stand should have been my first hint on the bird.

Since the only one I had seen on the trip was in the shadows at Hyde Park I made sure to stop to look.

This was the best view I had of a Jackdaw at Hyde Park. In the bad light I honestly thought it was an Eurasian Jay until I downloaded the photo. 4/5/16

There were several Jackdaws on the concession stand’s roof but the one that caught my eye 5 feet away on a table. And since I had seen most of the birds at the Centre I wasn’t in the “hurry up” mode. Like any bird use to humans he was slightly weary but still kept one eye on me. I watched him for a minute before he flew away with his treat.

I have included this dark photo to show the sequence of events. The Jackdaw is eyeing what appears to be a crouton.
491 Jackdaw
He snags it.
And then gives me the typical defiant corvid “What you looking at”?

As you can see the Jackdaw is a member of the corvid family. Just a smaller “crow” than our AMERICAN CROW or the European CARRION CROW. More of a Blue Jay size. The photos aren’t the most “natural” since they take place in a human habitat. But they show the two-tone gray and black color and gray eye of the Jackdaw. Also the smaller bill than what we are used to with a crow.

And of course the opportunistic “I’ll take a free meal”.

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