Egyptian Geese – I’m Still Worried

As noted in a previous post I’m worried about Egyptian Geese becoming as widespread as Canada Geese in the Midwest. I know I need to forget about it but after our London trip I’m still troubled.

Egyptian Geese
A pair of Egyptian Geese on the Round Pond in front of Kensington Palace. London, UK 4/2/16

On our trip the Egyptian Goose was widespread in city parks. About as numerous as the Canada Geese which are also widespread. I didn’t note how many of each but it seemed about equal.

London Bar Chart
This eBird bar chart shows Canada Geese are a predominant species in Greater London as shown by the thick green bar. Egyptian Geese are not as abundant but is still a common species – thinner green bar.
Egyptian Goose graph
These graphs show how much faster Egyptian Geese have taken hold in the UK as opposed to Canada Goose. Doesn’t the Canada Goose graph reminds me of its rise in the US? Source: The effect on the environment of Great Britain’s naturalized Greater Canada Branta canadensis and Egyptian Geese Alopochen aegyptiacus Rehfisch et al. 2010. BOU Proceedings – The Impacts of Non-native Species.

The other thing I noticed is Egyptian Geese are a tree-dwelling species and like to nest in large holes in trees. I saw them several times in the trees around the parks. Maybe this will be our saving grace since the industrial complexes where the Canada Geese abound are to new for trees. However in a few years when the trees mature, they might start to spread.

One of several pairs of Egyptian Geese nesting in the trees at Hyde Park. London, UK 4/2/16

I thought I took more photos but I think I was after other species. If you want to see Egyptian Geese or want to check out the parks, see Ralph Hancock’s Kensington Gardens and Hyde Park birds.

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