Download Your eBird Data

This first blog is going to be about something I haven’t seen posted.  Quite simply, download your eBird data.

Here’s why.  Back in my running days (mid-2000’s) I kept track of my miles in a notebook and then on a spreadsheet which I backed up weekly.  One of my running buddies kept track of his mileage on a running website similar to eBird.   And I know of several other runners that did also.  One day the website closed without warning and no one could get their data off the site.  My friend lost over two years of data.

I know things have changed drastically in the computer world in the last 8-10 years, and eBird’s data is secure, but it would probably be a good idea to backup your eBird data and your computer every couple of weeks.  I saw that eBird’s main page was hacked on July 4, 2013.  The data servers weren’t hacked but you never know.  It could happen.

I have been backing up my eBird data every couple of weeks for the last 4-1/2 years.  And it doesn’t take long. Simply go to the  “My eBird” tab and click on “Download My Data”.  From there click the submit button and your data will be emailed to you.  What to do with that data is another topic.





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