Mountain Bluebird – Weekend Highlight

As I stated last week I was going to take an out-of-state trip. The destination was again Western Colorado. The reasons for going to Western Colorado are somewhat long and will make up the topic of the next blog. I got home late last night early this morning after a long day getting through the snow at Vail Pass. I’ll stay with Mountain Bluebird as the Weekend Highlight since I already had this 90% done but I did encounter a contender on my one stop across Colorado yesterday.

mtbl Mountain Bluebird
I had several photos of Mountain Bluebirds I enjoyed with this being my favorite. Colorado River State Park-Fruita Section 12/4/16

While birding the Colorado River State Park-Fruita Section Sunday afternoon I encountered a small group of Mountain Bluebirds that turned out to be a larger group of 50 individuals. Along with American Robins, European Starlings, and House Finches they were feeding on berries adjacent to the Colorado River. They would fly back and forth from the berry trees to nearby trees or even to trees across the river.

I first noticed a small group sitting in a nearby tree.
They would often stop on one of the park signs before flying on to the berry tree.
And here is the berry tree though you can’t see them inside eating away. Can someone confirm this is a Russian Olive?
Sometimes they would fly back to a fence and eat them in the afternoon sun.
When finished eating they would fly to a nearby lake for a drink to wash it down.
Then back to a nearby tree to digest their food before starting the routine over.
But all the while one or two would locate to a high limb scanning for local hawks. Something I learned was the darkness of the Mountain Bluebird’s primaries.
With the mountains to the west blocking the sun and losing daylight fast, it was time to end another mild, sunny day.

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    1. Thanks Greg. It was one of those photos the second I looked at it I liked it. And that has only happened a few times. The first was of Canada Geese several years ago right after I got my first “real” camera. That would probably be a good blog – something along the lines of my favorite 5 photos.

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