Colorado’s Last Stop – Veltus Park

This will be a short post to wrap up the travelogue portion of the Colorado trip.  A later post will compare it to other areas I have birded.

Since I didn’t fly out of Denver until late in the day, I had some time to bird on the drive back and still make the four-hour drive.  I chose a city park in the tourist town of Glenwood Springs not far off the interstate since it was known for Lewis’s Woodpeckers.

The birding there was considerably different from what I had experienced the previous 5 days.  Since the park was in a tourist town, it actually had people in the park.  Which was unlike the more remote places I had been birding.

Least Chipmunk
Least Chipmunk – Veltus Park, Glenwood Springs, CO 6/25/15

I don’t think I missed the Lewis’s Woodpecker, but it’s not going on my list.  A bird with an undulating woodpecker flight flew over that was black with reddish underparts.  Not a good enough view to call it a Lewis’s though.  A little later I heard tapping from an adjoining private property which kept me from investigating.  So Lewis’s is still off the life list.

I did see one more new bird in the small park.  I first heard and then tracked down an empid.  After getting a look it wasn’t hard to ID as a Cordilleran Flycatcher since it was bright yellow, unlike the gray empids I had been seeing on the trip.

Cordilleran Flycatcher – Veltus Park – Glenwood Springs, CO 6/25/15

Otherwise the park was quiet.

It was then back to the Denver Airport, a 2 hour wait that turned into a 5 hour wait due to thunderstorms, and getting home a lot later then planned at 2AM.  Luckily I didn’t need to be anywhere the next day.

So for anyone keeping score out there, I ended the trip with 96 species of which 27 where life birds.

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