Canada Geese and Airport Equal Trouble?

In my last post from my recent Colorado trip I ended by asking about the Canada Geese I’d seen circling the airport area?

Well they were there. Hundreds congregating in a field.

I put the total at 8,000 but it was probably higher.

There are thousands of Canada Geese spread through the area. Many can’t even be seen.
The geese are moving left and look like PACMAN eating their way across the field.
Of course you can usually find something mixed in with this large of flock. Like Snow Geese.
Or a “Blue morph” Snow Goose. As seen on the right.

Now remember I’m only a few miles from the airport.

I’d just seen the movie Sully and my first thought was “doesn’t that many geese close to an airport equal trouble?”

On my previous trip I had been searching for Burrowing Owls which inhabit the surrounding plains. They were present with the large population of Prairie Dogs. Talking to one of the local photographers he said the Burrowing Owls are no longer present and had moved west. And he was amazed there were still so many raptors present.

The reason was because the local Prairie Dogs had been removed to another area.  And their colonies had been destroyed by the Wildlife Hazard Management Program at Denver International Airport to reduce the food for large raptors. If you read the “Other Wildlife” section in the link you’ll see Prairie Dogs don’t impose a threat but do attract larger wildlife which do pose a threat.

airport equal trouble
It still seemed no matter which direction I looked there was a raptor in view. Like this distant young Bald Eagle scouring the landscape.

So how to manage the large numbers of Canada Geese without turning the surrounding fields into a desert? This time of year the large fields of harvested corn are going to attract geese.  And I assume be a nuisance to planes.

It’ll be something I think about on my flight next June.

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