The Eighth Benefit of Walking 30 Minutes a Day


We can all list the 7 benefits of walking 30 minutes a day since we have heard them so many times. Well, maybe we can’t list them all but we can list a few of them.

Here are the benefits from the American Heart Association”s web page:

Research has shown that walking at least 30 minutes a day can help you:

But  I bet you don’t know the 8th one that benefits birders??


If you have been following this blog you know that my family moved in early August and the rest of the month was spent unpacking the move.  As usual in those type of circumstances I did not eat well or exercise much.

So I ended up putting on a few pounds (or more) and generally felt crummy.  Work wasn’t easy.  Birding wasn’t easy.  I just felt tired all the time.


So starting on Labor Day my wife and I started walking 30 minutes a day.  Maybe not every day but at least 6 times a week.  And I cut out sweets and chips, my weaknesses.  We did it right after work so we would be sure not to skip it.  You have all heard to walk with someone and to make sure to pick a set time.

From a former runner this is the best advice to make sure you don’t stop the program.

After about 4 weeks I could definitely feel a change in the way I felt and my weight had dropped back and was even lower than my premove weight.

Plus I started to notice the 8th benefit.


Prior to October while birding on a Saturday, I would notice by noon that I was dragging and wasn’t sharp.  I would have trouble recognizing bird calls.

But one Saturday this October my wife was out of town.  So I decided to bird most of the day.  I started at 8AM and at 3PM I was still going strong without any notable loss of energy or trouble identifying birds.  Clock

Just the lack of birds stopped me from continuing on.



So the Eighth Benefit is . . .

By walking 30 minutes a day you improve your stamina and ability to bird for longer periods of time.  Not just longer, but birding sharper as well.

Have you ever noticed a similar result from walking?

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