Lowes Parking Lot – McAllen, TX 6/24/14

I still have a few photos from our Texas trip in June 2014.  In particular I thought I would share a few photos from an evening outing to a Lowes parking lot.

If you follow this blog you know I’m not into chasing.  But we were already staying in McAllen and one of the few reliable spots to see a Green Parakeet in the U.S. is on the north side of McAllen. So I thought I had better go take a look. Even though it felt like chasing.

The time of day to see them is at dusk when they come to roost.  In fact, here is how the location is located on an eBird map –

McAllen- Parakeet roost (10th Str. b/w Violet & Dove)

So after dinner one evening my wife, daughter, and I headed to north McAllen.  We found out that 10th Str. b/w Violet & Dove is close to a Lowes parking lot. So we parked and waited.  It wasn’t long before they came.

As you can tell it is dusk. The parakeets came flying in groups of 5 – 10. McAllen, TX 6/24/14
Hard to get good photos with the setting sun and the birds on high wires. McAllen, TX 6/24/14
A couple of Parakeets kept checking us out to see what we were up to. I figured city birds would be used to people by now. McAllen, TX 6/24/14


The Lowes was in a shopping plaza that had a couple of fountains. The parakeets enjoyed the chance for a drink since the area was in the midst of a long dry spell. McAllen, TX 6/24/14


I lightened the next two photos to show how green the Green Parakeets really are. McAllen, TX 6/24/14
One other point – these are not small birds. They were bigger than what I expected.

While watching the parakeets a couple of local people stopped by and talked about them. They said we should be there in the winter when there were many more. One lady pointed at all the telephone wires and said they would be full.  She said the noise from the chatter was unbelievable.  That would explain the reported 800 reported at this location on eBird. (We saw 50) It would also explain her saying she liked the parakeets but wished they would move elsewhere!


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