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Nashville Warbler Underside – Field Notes

Since Saturday’s weather was lousy for photos, and I didn’t get any decent ones Sunday, I’ll go with field notes from the weekend concerning Nashville Warbler Underside pattern. I have previously covered this topic and with migration getting into swing, now … Continue reading

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Vested Yellow-rumped Warbler – Field Notes

I’m still fooled by birds, especially when they aren’t in their proper clothing. And this time of year is when I’m fooled most. Especially by winter birds turning into their summer clothes. This was the case the last weekend when … Continue reading

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Ssd  Natural History First Trees she is a 

R I’msrers and really tI’ll dThis post is a personal saesyettsone to sttrtkeep track of my Natural History first tree. As previously stated I’m going to start learning other Natural History objects to compliment birding. And this past week I … Continue reading

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Virginia Rail Grunting – Weekend Highlight

In my last post I ended by stating I’d use Wilson’s Snipe as an example of something I think is a bigger problem. That post isn’t ready yet but it will address the lack of fresh water marshes. Since I love marshes … Continue reading

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Wilson’s Snipe Photos – Finally

Don’t be fooled by the title. I have many Wilson’s Snipe photos. Just not Wilson’s Snipe photos from the local only marshy area. Snipe have been present for the last couple of years at the marsh. But never out in the … Continue reading

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Western Colorado Final Thoughts – Dec16

It’s been four months since my December Colorado trip. And I’ll be going again in two months to run two BBS Routes. Even though I have enough photos for a few more posts it’s time to wrap it up and present … Continue reading

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Horned Grebe Molting

One of my favorite times of the year is the last of March and first of April. That’s the time Common Loon and Horned Grebe in Johnson County. And if really lucky Bonaparte’s Gull and Red-breasted Merganser. Outside of Lamb Lake … Continue reading

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Natural History Journey Begins

I having been birding for several years now and have gone through many phases of birding. From the learning phase to listing phase to Big Day phase to traveling phase and everything in-between. Except as readers know I skipped the … Continue reading

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