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Birding Paraphernalia – My 5

I’ve recently upgraded the Birding Paraphernalia I carry in the field. Not anything different or special from what others use, but new to me. Ideally I’d like everything to be in one piece of equipment. Something like a pair of … Continue reading

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Black Vultures – You Just Never Know

I hadn’t expected anything exceptional to happen this past weekend given it’s late July and the heat index was headed to 110F. But I was sitting at 98 species for Johnson County in the IAS Summer Count and wanted to … Continue reading

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Planes – Last London Post?

This is probably the last post on our London trip since I think I have exhausted my thoughts on subject. But probably not. I have enjoyed extending them because I think we take trips and they fade into our memories. The … Continue reading

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World’s Smallest Dove?

One of the blogs I follow is Jem Babbington’s The Birds of Saudi Arabia. Periodically he has a picture of a Namaqua Dove, one of the world’s smallest doves. I play along at home so I looked up the dove in The … Continue reading

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Why Bird Surveys Need to be Annual

The Thought After running the two BBS (Breeding Bird Surveys) through East-Central Indiana and analyzing the data, I had the thought WHY are bird surveys done on an annual basis? Trends in the Midwest do change but on a slower basis. And … Continue reading

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BBS Results – 5 Thoughts

Having completed and compiled the data on my first two BBS (Breeding Bird Survey) Routes I have come up with a few observations.  Not scientific or statistically proved. Just what seems to fit the BBS results. But first to set … Continue reading

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Bobolink Update

I was going to title this post “To the Mall” but that didn’t pan out, so I stuck with Bobolink Update. And let me reiterate my position, even in the so-called “slow times”, there is always something going on if … Continue reading

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Jackdaw – Opportunistic Corvid

I have been looking at the following JACKDAW photos off and on for the three months since we got back from London. I kept thinking they reminded me of something but I couldn’t put my finger on it. Then it … Continue reading

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Annual Goose Pond Fourth Of July Trip

Another Saturday and I’m up at 4AM so Mike and I can make our 4th Annual Goose Pond Fourth of July Trip looking for species not usually seen in the Johnson County area – MARSH WREN, LEAST BITTERN, LEAST TERNS, … Continue reading

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Dickcissel Increasing?

Recently I was helping on a bird survey with Karl and Mike when Karl brought up the thought that Dickcissel are increasing in the area. And I had to agree. No facts to back it up but it seems like there … Continue reading

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