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London – 10 Things, Maybe True, Or Not

After our trip to Costa Rica I posted about 10 things we had heard about or things we should do before we took our trip. We then determined if they were true or not about the country. I’ll now do the same … Continue reading

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BBS – Sign Up Now

Recently on IN-Bird Amy Kearns requested volunteers for the open routes of the Indiana Breeding Bird Survey (BBS). I have always wanted to run one but the time of year usually conflicted with family vacations. Plus I thought we were going … Continue reading

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Migrants are Here!

I spent most of Saturday birding the usual spots in Johnson County. I met Mike at Northwest Park in Greenwood first thing in the morning and spent the rest of the day heading south. I didn’t see anything out of … Continue reading

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Different Looking, but Act the Same

I previously blogged about birds I saw in London that looked slightly different from birds we see in the US. Birds like coots and wrens. While at the London Wetlands Centre I birded with a couple of British birders and we … Continue reading

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Peek-a-Boo Meadowlark

(I wrote most of this blog the last week of March and now just getting a chance to post. I thought I’d better get it posted since most posts going forward will be about London and migration. The photos are … Continue reading

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Mainly Celery Bog Sunday

I had to head back to Lafayette again this weekend. This time I had 4 hours to bird on Sunday. So just like last weekend I took the time to bird another spot that I hadn’t birded before, Celery Bog … Continue reading

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Indiana vs. London Birds, Almost a Tie

While preparing for the trip to London, I noticed that many of the birds we see in Indiana are almost the same as London birds. It must have to do that birds, like humans, migrated to certain areas and developed just a … Continue reading

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Green Woodpeckers

This next post from our London trip will involve one of the last birds I saw on the trip – EUROPEAN GREEN WOODPECKER (eBird list it as Eurasian so the name must have been updated). Or just Green Woodpecker to the … Continue reading

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A Broad Daylight Owl – Strange

After dropping my daughter in Lafayette Saturday morning I headed to my first birding location in Benton County. But before I reached my first stop I saw one of the oddest things I have ever seen while birding. A large bird flew … Continue reading

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A Benton County Saturday

After returning from London I took my daughter to Lafayette Saturday morning and the nhad to pick her up in the afternoon. So I took the opportunity to bird a couple of spots in Benton County. But first let me … Continue reading

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