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The Doldrums

I’m afraid The Doldrums have arrived.  You know the time between January 1 and that day when you have seen all the winter birds you are going to see. Oh, you might pick up one new species here and there, … Continue reading

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2015 – A Short Recap

First – one of the main reasons why I blog – I like to review the past weekend – month – year. Lots of birding, and life for that fact, seems to be on the run.  Birding sometimes seems like run, check, and … Continue reading

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A Shrike, a Third Towhee, and Geese. Though Not So Many Geese.

If you would’ve told me that I’d seen three towhees in Indiana by the 16th of January I would have thought you had a problem.  But if you pay attention to the Indiana birding lists, you know that is very … Continue reading

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An Eared Grebe – Maybe a Sad Story? Hopefully Not.

A week ago I went Geist Reservoir to view the EARED GREBE that had been reported. In late November I had distant views of one at Eagle Creek.  So it seemed odd to me to have two reported locally in such … Continue reading

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The Only Way to Describe It

Surreal. From – surreal – “having the disorienting, hallucinatory quality of a dream; unreal; fantastic:” And that is the only way I can describe the scene when 100,000+ SNOW GEESE are flying overhead honking. And that doesn’t do it justice. … Continue reading

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The Start of the Year – Owling and Swans

Funny how your birding perspective changes on January 1.  Birds people haven’t really been interested in except on a superficial level are now important. Need to get them checked off the list so you won’t need to worry about them … Continue reading

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