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You Can’t Get Action Like This On TV

You already know this or you wouldn’t be reading a birding blog, but as I tell my family and co-workers, you can’t get action like Birdwatching on TV. In July I had a couple of things happen that kept me … Continue reading

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Rules are Only So Good if You Follow Them

In the previous post I set down 4 steps I use to ID large raptors.  I’ll get back to the rules in a minute but first let’s back up a bit to earlier in the previous post BEFORE I saw the … Continue reading

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4 Simple Steps to ID Raptors in Flight

One of the biggest problems I had starting out birding was learning the bigger birds that flew by at a distance.  I’m not talking far away or up in the clouds, but birds at a reasonable distance that I thought … Continue reading

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Some Points from Observing a Great Crested Flycatcher

I went on a bird walk at Fort Harrison State Park last Sunday morning which is led by Don Gorney. It is always an enjoyable outing, even if the birds aren’t numerous. Which was the case last Sunday.  Here’s Don’s … Continue reading

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On Walking a Good Birding Loop

Labor Day means it’s that time of year when I make the switch from birding state parks that allow hunting to city or state parks that do not allow hunting. Looking back I have always done this in one form … Continue reading

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Colorado’s Last Stop – Veltus Park

This will be a short post to wrap up the travelogue portion of the Colorado trip.  A later post will compare it to other areas I have birded. Since I didn’t fly out of Denver until late in the day, I … Continue reading

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