Sorry I haven’t posted in the last couple of weeks. We are in the process of moving and there hasn’t been much extra time for blogging or birding.  Plus we didn’t have TV/internet access for 10 days.  (Still not sure that was such a bad thing.)  I did get in a few hours birding last weekend.  Saw another Osprey at Driftwood.  I am not sure it wasn’t in the area all summer.  But then back to fixing things up, unpacking, and resting up from the move. Should be able to bird this weekend but will be gone next week for work.  So I am really looking to  get back into a regular pattern Labor Day Weekend.

The blog is one-year old today.  Which according to something I read I have outlasted 99% of all people who start blogs. Who knows if that is accurate.

More on all these subjects in the coming months.

Thanks for reading and responding, Bob.

A Quiet First Weekend of August

First of all, let me say the birding was slow this past weekend. A few migrating shorebirds at Edinburgh retaining pond was about it.  Otherwise the birds were quiet. I spent a lot of time Saturday morning walking the edges of fields that might have Sedge Wrens.  No luck.  And I didn’t hear any Wood Thrushes anywhere either. It’s probably a function of not being in the right habitat in previous years but I had my first August Dickcissel in 3 years.

The best bird was an Osprey circling over the parking lot after work Monday in Shelbyville.  Seemed a little out-of-place. I will go ahead and post a few pictures from this weekend.

And let me add we are moving again next week. I probably need to write a post how the location change might or might not affect my birding. So for the month of August there might not be many posts. But then again there might be more since I will be hanging out in Starbucks more.

Started the day with a Great Blue Heron at Driftwood. 08/02/14
This American Goldfinch was pretending not to watch me. Also at Driftwood. 08/02/14
A Mourning Dove was sitting for a photo a couple of weeks ago.
I like this photo of the House Wren because it shows the barring on the wings and tail of the bird. Which is usually how I see them, going away. Click photo to enlarge.   Atterbury FWA 08/02/14
And a Spotted Sandpiper flew in at my last stop Saturday. Atterbury FWA 08/02/14